Friday, 12 November 2010


pagi tadi tengok The Kardashian. yela kan. dah start sem break. heee . so, kendall need 50 dolar because she wanted to go out with her friends. but, bruce dont simply give her just like that. so, he asked kendall to do something so she will get the money. take the dog for a walk, wash the cars, clean their house and room and so on. every job she'll get the money 5 bucks each. 

so, the things is i used to be like kendall before. yeah, you dont even know me. i willing to do anything for money. i was thinking that if i go to Miri yeah sure will get that. tsk tsk. but, thats the point. susah nak tinggalkan benda or someone yang kita sayang even for a while. long distance. AGAIN? 

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