Wednesday, 15 December 2010

what is love chapter 6

yeah. bangun je tido terus tarik lappy and online. bukan obses tapi sebagai breakfast.

check message. ada 2 inbox. siapa pulak lg sorang ni? OMG!

danial haiqal and azie azmi. * apahal minah ni?

danial haiqal : i miss you too.
                     why suddenly?

azie azmi : hye emy. there is something i want to ask you. do you have any   relationship with akif beside friend? because if so i have something very important to tell you. im not able to online 24/7 since i have to take care of my dad at hospital. if anything contact me at 0132463389. i just don't want to see you ruin your young life with someone jerk. 

* my heart beat was like. dup dap dup dap.

me : thanks la. its true that im his gf. but why do you call him a jerk? if his a jerk, why do u chase aftr him?

azie azmi : what i mean is he is not suitable for you. i know i'm not good and that is why it is okay for me being with him. i don't want you to be fool by him. thats it.

me : erkkk bagusnya lah you kan. tak malu ke?

azie azmi : up to u la. i da ckp apa yg patut i cakap. tapi kalau i jadi you i ta kan senang2 nak terima laki yang da buat mcm2 ngan girl lain and at the same time die couple ngn org lain. dia kua ngn org laen for the whole night tp tipu gf dia.

me : i rasa kesian sgt dekat you. ayah you tgh bersabung nyawa kat hospital then you boleh pulak nak keluar dgn jantan lain pastu dgn bangga mengaku. what kind of woman are you? where's your pride? and suka hati nak call and text bf org.

azie azmi : suka hati you nak ckp apa. he's just my leftover. thats it! kesian lah bila bf sedar and org lain tahu how long his dick is. 

me : well. thank you so much. so much information.

ya allah. dugaan apa yang kau berikan ini. 

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