Sunday, 2 January 2011

its a game

dear 2308. you are so beautiful. kalau letak miss universe sebelah pun confirm tenggelam. you are such a good friend to me but somehow you are too harsh with your words. uupppsss. matilah. i know, your intention is just want to make a joke, but kadang-kadang ada yang terluka, but then i love you lah. jonker walk lagi ya. kau memang kepala gila. i loikeee. ♥

‎2308,,ma best gal eva., shes pretty,nice frenly, esygoing n so many good things bout her dat i addore her sooo much..shes a good company,,shes funny but hey shes quite nasty too.. :D .heyy,,u simply complete ma life.. n u know who u are miss journalist :) dear.. i love you,,muaaaahhh!!

‎2308 ; We met in school 3 years ago and it was the day to know ur something. Now it isn't seem so, we're going our way and we're happy like that!

2308 - Uhm, where to start? Okay I haven't meet you yet, but after knowing you virtually, you're one of those fashionable people i know, always updated with the current style yet still covered up. I envy you for always have the chance to travel and attend cool events, my, you're so lucky. I think you love your boyf so much and know how to handle your relationship well. I wish one day we'll meet up. :)

2308: ish.. garang!! slalu bgn kn i tiod, "chut, bgn, da pkul 815. bgn" hahahha!! takut teketak2. :p but hati yg lembut.. kaki shopping.! shooopppiing je keje. da la org nogori, tak tahan pedas. fail.. :p love u!

‎2308 ; thara's cousy. mula mula agak terkejut bila dia tegur and tahu nama sekali. blushing sekejap, rs mcm famous lak LOL. tak begitu rapat bt i think she's cool :)

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