Thursday, 17 February 2011

hye, long time no see. yeah, been busy doing my assignments and this is my first time not going home for this semester :P 
btw, its my mission or my dream to further my studies abroad, seriously and sooo badly. yesterday, after came back from campus, on my lappy connect the bb and searching the universities, agents, scholarship and sort of things. plus, i keep on asking my senior back in secondary school who currently doing their degree in Australia. but, seems like i dont wanna further my studies there. :'(

click here to know everything. hihihi. and i've emailed one of the person who incharge about the problems having by students like me. haha. and here the feedback.

Dear Ms.Nordin,

Thank you very much for the email and your interest to study at Universitas Padjadjaran.

Regarding your questions, kindly find below some information that might be help you for taking any further actions/plans:

1.Universitas Padjadjaran does not provide any scholarships for international students,
   we suggest you to contact Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) or MARA office for
   any information about the scholarship.

2.There is The Faculty of Communication Studies at Universitas Padjadjaran.
   I have just contact the faculty and they has the transfer credit program for students
   who has already their diploma 3 degree in communication studies (minimum they
   have already 110 credits) and they may continue their study (transfer credit program)
   to get the bachelor degree in UNPAD. For those who has already the diploma 3
   they will need around 1.5 years to continue their study in Unpad (student should
   adjust all of their credits/subjects that they got from their previous study program
   with the required subjects that they should take at UNPAD)
   There is only 1 intake for this program each year around June.

   This program is fully conducted in Indonesian (I think it will not be any problems for you,
   really...:) Because I have my experience with my Malaysian friends at the Faculty of
   Communication studies many years ago when I studied there around 1988-1992, too.
   I have many friends from Malaysia at that time, and they had no problems at all to
   join the whole lectures which were delivered fully in Indonesian.. (but of course, it's up
   to your decision, I suggest you to think and consider everything carefully because
   this will be a decision for your future) 
Good luck!

Tina Danubrata
PT PADMA (Assistant Manager)
Office       : Jalan Taman Curie 5 - Bandung 40171, INDONESIA
Phone/fax: 62 - 22 - 4230450
email       :
mobile     : 62 - 811 - 232 732

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