Monday, 25 April 2011

i miss you

i am the person who's gonna cry if im missing someone, anyone. yes, anyone. so, just now i call my mom since she was busy doing her stuff as a mom and office stuffs. she, didnt call me back when she missed every call from me. yes, i touched because im sitting my exam these few days. so, i call her to know how she was doing. is she fine yadayada. she said that lately she getting tired. ibu, you are not getting younger anymore. ahhh. stress, i cant study after heard my mom voice. and my tears falling down non stop :'( i miss her so much. thats the reason why im going home every week. ibu, be strong and i know you need me and miss me too. hikk. im free this friday. see you home. i love you ibu. 

                          " I wish my mom didn’t believe me when I said I was fine "

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