Sunday, 1 May 2011

we are the one

Its been a long time i didn't post any entry kan. so, here it is. my semester break just started yesterday. but seriously, i tak excited pun nak balik rumah sbb everyweek dah balik and yeah i'm gonna miss my ladies. semester 4 are really nice for me to to end. :( we share a lot of things together. 

             well, meet my new friend which is my housemate Aina Amira 

* sorry mia i amik gamba you kat fb. hihi ♥

just wanna say thank you to all for being there when i needed you the most.

" kau hilang dia tapi kau dapat kawan kawan kan " yes ! :)

semua benda yang jadi pasti ada hikmahnya. jadi, sentiasa bersyukur and terima apa sahaja segala. He is the best planner. so, you dont have to worry. just keep on praying. 

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