Wednesday, 16 March 2011

ore you ready people?

on your mark get set go! ASSIGNMENTS !
well, i only got one class for wednesday. awesome aite? i know ;)
but, to get the parking for today aa really hard ooo. aiyooo.
dah lah panas terik class at 2.30. and and for the first time abg handsome sebelah rumah tegur i. awww! maluuu. erkkk! kidding. AHAHA.
smbung cite okay. after habis class at 4.30 so, i made a discussion with my group mates for all subjects which is advertising, broadcasting, publishing, publication and modern issues. all the presentation, the report the research! wehaaaaa. seriously i cant wait to settle all things. 
qeena said " we are superwomen" ! 

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