Sunday, 13 March 2011

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sunday, march 13 2011
yeah, its sunday baby. since my broadcasting assignment individual will be due 3 more weeks. * so sudden but who cares ?
usually on sunday everyone will be at home but differenly today. 
ijat out for football training and tournament at tampin
ibu, nisa and alia also out for mom's friend wedding ceremony
ayah, with his golf
so me? doing my broadcasting assignment in front of my lappy.

kemas rumah. sebab tunggu ibu habis masak before pergi kenduri. well, im not that good to cook for the whole family. sidai baju, kemas seluruh rumah, mop lantai, and prepare makanan for my sister yang baru lepas bersalin.

and then duduk depan lappy until now. can u imagine? mata pun dah jadi sakit so cepat cepat amik spec sbb ada protecting for computer. weehaaaa. 
and i'm sitting in front of my lappy for moneyyyyyy babehh. its all about the money money money, we need your moneyy moneyy moneyy. HAHAHA. * forget about the price tag and pay! okay merepek. :P

can someone get for me this ?

or maybe the red jaket both from iamjetfuelshop by yuna ?


  1. Dear, Kak Qist ada jumpa long sleeves maxi dress exactly like the pic above. I was thinking to buy that too tapi kain dia like so cheap cotton-lycra tak jadi macam tu.

    Btw, I loveeee Yuna's look above. So inspirational.

  2. kan? mcm nipis gila tersangkut terus koyak? HAHAHA
    eeee, geram tgk yuna. yuna inspired at hitz tv :)