Thursday, 17 March 2011

zombie gone back to life ^_^

ya allah, tuhan je lah tahu bertapa mengantuk, penat segalanya lah. tapi apa yang membuatkan saya masih tidak mahu melelapkan mata ialah baru pukul 10.32. yeee, masih awal sebagai seorang pelajar universiti. we are young, stay up late, we dont sleep. 

so, i just finished my modern issue report. i want to share with you guys lah. pasal kes mona fendi dulu. ingat lagi? 

so, saya baru sahaja menyiapkan segalanya. now i want to share the chronology of the issue ! 

Juraimi was the first accused of the case; Mohd Affandi was the second accused and Mona Fendi the third accused. They were charged under Section 302 of the Penal Code read together with Section 34 of the same canon as the killing Mazlan.

They were found guilty on February 9, 1995 by the Temerloh High Court and sentenced to death.
The motive of the murder is believed to be money because a few hours before Mazlan’s body were sliced, the couple persuaded him to withdraw cash almost RM 300, 000 from several banks with an excuse that the amount can be doubled after performing some rituals.
The money is then used to buy Mercedes Benz 280 car at RM 125, 000 and mobile phones RM 10, 500 in cash. They also bought jewelry amounting to almost RM 40, 000 and other electrical appliances and furniture. Mona also underwent plastic surgery at a cost more than RM 13, 000 on July 15, 1993.

·         July 13, 1993: juraimi was arrested at Dong Police Station after he was suspected of taking drugs and was then detained at the police station Raub.
·         July 18, 1993: when Mazlan failedto be detected for two weeks, Raub UMNO division lodged a police report at the station about the disappearance.
·         July 19, 1993: police launched investigation to search for the lost Mazlan. Juraimi brought newspaper to the house in Ulu Dong, and police found video tapes, photo albums, newspaper articles and certificates of shares owned by Mazlan.
·         July 20, 1993: at about 11.45 p.m, Mohd Affandi and Mona were arrested at a house in Jalan 2/27C Section 5, Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur.
·         July 21, 1993: Mohd Affandi was taken to Raub Police Station.
·         July 23, 1993: Mazlan’s corpse was found at house in the village of Kampung Pamah Dong, Ulu Dong, Raub Pahang. His body was cut into 18 sections that were planted in the storeroom.
·         August 1, 1993: three body structures were found in two places in Terengganu, which were murdered almost the same way as Mazlan.
·         August 10, 1993: police obtained remand order against Mohd Affandi, Mona and Juraimi until August 16 to assist the police in connestion with the murder of a woman, Fatimah Mohamad, 32.
·         August 15, 1993: Police found several human body parts in the house that had once belonged to the witchdoctor couple Mona and Mohd Affandi at Kampung Nelayan, Teluk Gong, Klang.
·         August 17, 1993: police received court orders that the witchdoctor couple along with juraimi to be detained at Penjara Pudu and Penjara Kajang.
·         October 26, 1993: preliminary investigation of Mazlan’s murder case started at the Magistrates’ Court in Raub.
·         December 18, 1993: Raub Magistrate Court ordered the case to be brought to the Temerloh High Court for trial on charges of murder.
·         September 3, 1994: Mohd Affandi and Mona were brought to the Temerloh high Court on charges of killing Batu Talam assemblyman Datuk Mazlan Idris.
·         September 13, 1994: Mazlan trial murder case started in Temerloh High Court. Juraimi, Mona and Mohd Affandi pleaded not guilty to charges of intention to kill Mazlan.
·         February 9, 1995: Temerloh High Court sentenced Mohd Affandi, Mona and Juraimi to death for killing Mazlan.
·         February 10: 1995: Mohd Affandi, Mona and Juraimi were found guilty of killing Datuk Mazlan and were sent to Kajang Prison.
·         Between February 16, 1995 to October 20, 1997: Mohd Affandi, Mona and Juraimi submitted notice of appeal in the Temerloh High Court and Court of Appeal.
·         October 24, 1997: Court of Appeal judge Datuk Gopal Sri Ram, Datuk Abdul Malek Ahmad and Datuk Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim rejected their appeal.
·         November 2, 2001: 5.59 a.m, Mona Fendi, Mohd Affandi and Juraimi were simultaneously hanged at Kajang Prison. 


  1. u should watch one of tv3 program : KES.. pasal kes nih... ada tunjuk tmpt kejadian etc..!

  2. i'll try cari kat youtube !